Making sense of complex situations

When investigating a vehicle collision or other complex accident, many factors come into play. Examining the vehicles, road conditions, weather, surrounding environment and driver or passenger circumstances are all critical elements to accident reconstruction. Our experienced engineers and scientists use the available data to provide a reconstructed view of the scene to determine the root cause of an accident.

Collision Investigation + Reconstruction

Accidents happen every day involving motor vehicles, trucks, bicycles, trains and marine vessels. We have investigated thousands of collisions, many resulting in fires, and are qualified to provide expert testimony in criminal and civil courts across North America to deliver detailed analysis of our findings.

Injury Biomechanics

During the various stages of an accident, those involved can sustain significant and sometimes fatal injuries. Our biomechanical engineers and scientists analyze the injuries sustained and determine if the forces sustained during the collision under review could have caused the injuries. These insights can help you make decisions on personal injury, premises liability and product liability claims.

Digital Information

The introduction of airbag modules, infotainment systems and driver assist technologies for autonomous vehicles has resulted in the availability of critical digital data that can be obtained from a vehicle following an accident. We understand how this data is collected and interpreted and can provide you with a complete overview of how this data fits into the collision event.