An unplanned event — such as severe weather, power outage or virus outbreak — can severely disrupt organizations and prevent normal operations. The ability to restore operations as quickly as possible can minimize financial loss and can make the difference between business survival and failure. So, what is the purpose of a business continuity plan? Effective business continuity plans and structures identify critical business processes and the necessary recovery steps to limit financial or operational impact, improving organizational resilience during and after an event.


A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is designed to reduce the impact of a business interruption, which could occur due to a range of events ranging from financial, natural causes or man-made events. A typical BCP might include a Business Impact Analysis, recovery plans, communication protocols, contact lists, key asset inventories and any critical items for reducing business impact. BCP training helps you identify gaps and provide tools to capture and maintain essential business continuity information and response. With our BCP tools, you can distribute information to the right people at the right time and enable recovery from incidents affecting business operations.

Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis enables you to identify sites and business operations that, when absent, would impact the profitability and threaten company survival. This analysis maps out how unexpected events could affect the business functions, resources and systems across the organization. Through this exercise, we provide you with an inventory of the critical business activities and resources that need to be protected following a disruption.

Recovery Strategies

Recovery strategies provide detailed procedures to help you recover critical processes that are key for transitioning back to a business-as-usual mode as quickly as possible. We work with you to facilitate development and integration of these plans into your BCP. We utilize our SMARTPLAN™ application to improve accessibility, plan effectiveness, and plan maintenance.

SMARTPlAN™ Software Application

When every member of your team can locate and navigate your response plans through a secure website, your incident response time and management capabilities improve dramatically. Whether you need one plan type or multiple plan types for every site, our SMARTPLAN™ application will help streamline and customize your company’s preparedness program based on company best practices and policies, function and site-specific details.

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We work with you to design and facilitate tabletop exercises which help ensure that critical personnel from all areas are familiar with the BCP and that the plan accurately reflects the organization’s ability to recover from an event. These exercises are also designed to simulate a specific scenario and evaluate the BCP, team comprehension, as well as team interaction and decision-making capabilities.