Health Care Mutual Aid Plans for Long Term Care + Hospitals

When evacuations must happen quickly, keeping track of every patient can be a difficult task. The priority is getting everyone out of harm’s way — but having a plan to pre-designate evacuation sites and effectively track patients is also a critical component of an evacuation plan. Our Mutual Aid Plans tackle this component and link you with community partners and other health care facilities.


  • Design of or consultation on the development/enhancement of local, county, regional, statewide or multi-state mutual aid healthcare plans
  • Creation of consistent activation protocols
  • Establishment of an emergency reporting system and process
  • Development of tools to assess transportation evacuation resource needs
  • Establishment of and training for Regional Coordinating Centers to centrally coordinate the disaster and provide consolidated situation reports on the status of facilities
  • Identifying “Categories of Care” to support pre-designated evacuation sites


This program is usually delivered to either hospital groups for acute care planning, or to the long-term care industry to address planning for nursing homes, assisted living and residential care locations. However, many of the topics above can be stand-alone programs, ranging in duration from 1.5 hours to a 2-day “Boot Camp” approach.

Mutual Aid Technology

In emergency events, facilities that are members of Mutual Aid Plans can find beds to evacuate their patients to in minutes. With the use of our web-based technology at, command centers can rapidly gather roll-up data in real time, combined with stored planning data to make effective decisions. Individual facilities can quickly report their status on-line utilizing a simple reporting wizard.